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A1's WMC Review


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hola peeps! sorry i didn't write a review yesterday. i was still in south beach at a computer checking email... even now i'm too tired and a little loopy to put down my thoughts but i will try...

all i can say is Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! WMC 2002 rocked!! All you MUST get down there next year. It is by far the only time you have soooooooooooooooooo many amazing DJs in one place for 5-6 days...

alrighty, so with that said... my weekend :)

oh, I am a horrible trainspotter so i'm sorry for no track titles...

Friday night we headed over to the Billboard party where there were *many* DJs on three different floors... I remember hearing Dave Seaman, Steve Lawler and John Debo downstairs... Parks and Wilson and Quivver on the second floor and Lee Burridge on the top floor... Seaman played a really dark set setting it up nice for Lawler... Parks & Wilson rocked....

Day 2- Sat... not able to get into Bed to hear Tom Stephan (needed to rsvp by email - always rsvp!!) we headed to Space to hear Deep Dish and others... Deep Dish played the best I've ever heard (even better than in NYC the week before!) they were awesome... Some other DJs on the deck were good too...

Day 3- Sun... having run into D:Fuse the night before, we got on the list for his pool party at the Albion Hotel... Heard the band Rhinoceros (sp?) awesome! and D:Fuse... then with the whole D:Fuse entourage we got in free and VIP to Spin to hear Hernan Cantaneo, Oakie, and D:Fuse again... An amazing night! Really hard.. the best D:Fuse I've ever heard... (he closed the night out after Oakie)... The show we missed which I wanted to see which our friends went to was over at Lola.. a free party where Satoshi Tomeii was spinning... One of the parties to be at... My friends got pics with S&D, Ali (Deep Dish), BT, Saeed & Palash, and others... imagine just being able to walk up to S&D and chat with them!!! Also missed the PVD show at Space :( (he only played from 1-6am)

Day 4 - Mon... headed to the Tronic Treatment party for techno at Liquid. 10 amazing techno DJs... Christian Smith rocked the house down... he was my favorite of the night... Mistress Barbara was good too... After that party I headed to Space to hear the famous DT 20 hour set... I got there around 5am which was still *really* early as he spun till like 5pm... Danny was being his goofy self, talking to the crowd, using his flashlight to play with the crowd... The entire club was packed and it was *only* DT.. all rooms had him pumped in... While I was there he played a funky remix of I feel Loved, one of his signature songs (Keep On Groovin'), and other well known tracks but different versions of them... Fun, but I was tooooo tired to stay too long...

Day 5 - Tues... I slept :) couldn't bear another no-sleep night...

All in all, an awesome time! Most of the well known DJs played multiple nights so you could catch them at some point if you wanted... Too much to do! Too much to choose from!

My advice for next year - GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book early! and RSVP for any party you might be interested in... there were cool parties going on every afternoon and evening but many were private/rsvp parties only...

see ya on Friday!!

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Wow A1, sounds like you had a blast.. wish I could've been there too!!

I'm definitely planning on going next year... should have plenty of vacation time by then!

(I'm going to make it my mission to see Darren Emerson down there... I haven't seen him since July and am CRAVING another show!)

See you at Sasha!

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