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What Sexual Precautions Do You Take??

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Do you use condoms? Go raw dog? Come in her? Allow him to come in you? Just curious.

I've always used condoms until I met my girlfriend. At first, we used them, but once she started taking the pill, we tried it without them and it was so much better. I hate condoms now. It's gonna suck going back to them if I ever have another relationship.

I just wonder if I'm really playing it safe if she takes the pill and I don't come in her. I'm afraid to. Not ready to have a kid.

One more thing, for all of you taking the pill, aren't you afraid that you may be one of the 3% that gets pregnant.

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Actually, after you've been on the pill for a while the chance of getting preggers is even lower... something to do with the build-up of hormones... That 3 percent is mostly due to human error, but if you take the pill consistently it's extremely unlikely you'll become pregnant.

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