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Song ID - Digweed

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I'm not sure exactly what movie it is, but its one of the few recent movies made about the club scene and its music. Toward the end of the movie, John Digweed shows up after the cops closed down the rave. The kids get it together for Digweed and he drops this track that the place goes nuts to. Right before the movie ends, this young dj asks him about the track. Digweed said something about the track on Bedrock, but I was falling asleep so I dont remember what it was.


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:tongue: Ahhh Digweed...going to see him and Sasha at Buzz the 14th of April in Wash DC with Jimmy Van M... just two nights after Sandra Collins and Max Grahm and the day before Pete Tong and Chemical Brothers also play Buzz. Check it out at www.buzzdc.com (no I don't work for them just live there on weekends)

Now back to the topic----->

Remixed of the track you were looking for, "Heaven Scent", can also be found unmixed (if you are interested in spinning it and have a CD deck) on the Bedrock Beautiful Strange EPCD as "POB's Seismix" and on the Bedrock Foundations (2) CD set (unmixed too) as "John Johnson Mix" which is my personal blow up favorite mix of that track. I just wish I could find it on vinyl!

Remember "Everything" starts with an "E" :)

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