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A really tight set you can download...(good website, too)

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I downloaded a nice set from this website. Here's the writeup on it:


Part 1, mixed By DJ Giorgio-K:

01. Sasha - OHMNA

02. Dominion - The Gate (Renaissance mix)

03. Pole Folfer& CP - Apollo Vibes

04. Grooveunit - Some Assembly Required

05. Black Label - Junk Vard

06. Tijuana - GrooveIs In The Air (Moonface mix)

07. Timo Maas - Killin' me (M+N rmx)

08. Sander Kleinenberg - Sound Family (Is All I Need)

09. Timo Maas - M.A.A.S.M.E.L.L.O.W. (Plasmatics rmx)

Part 2, mixed by DJ Stevie-A:

10. Sander Kleinenberg - Slipper Sleaze

11. U.P.I. - Repainted Furniture

12. Circulation - Turquoise

13. Sander Kleinenberg - Observator

14. White Label - Jammer

15. White Label - Perpetual Two

16. ORB - Once More (Bedrock mix)

17. Breeder - Rockstone

18. Visious Circles - Grayed Out Dub

19. Dj Rolando A.K.A The Aztec Mystic - Jaguar

It's from this website http://d2k.dedserver.org/index2.php They have some really tight mixes up there, they keep them for about a week and then they go away. This particular mix expires 3/31/02, so get it now!! Anyhow, if none of u have heard of that website, definitely check it out.

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Originally posted by therunner

Do you know if the site has the same download fuctions as audiogalaxy, to where if yo are downloading and lose connection it will pick up from where it left off or if you have to start over?

I don't think it will do that. It has the same features as www.simplemp3s.com. Basically, it breaks down the set into 4 parts. So each is a 15 minute long mp3 file. You can cut it at the tracks if you want to, using their software. Otherwise, it's 4, 15 minute clips that make up the set. But no, I if you lose connection you have to download it again. You save the file as a .mp3 file. It gives you directions on this, it's pretty simple. The file is named blahblahblah.001 You rename it to blahblahblah.001.mp3, and then it can be recognized and played as a mp3 file.

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Originally posted by therunner

Do i have to name the file blahblahblah? But with a dial up modem, cause where I live sucks, I can't afford to spend the time on it and then lose it after a few hours of DL time.

Well it will still work for you because it downloads each 15 minute clip, so if you get knocked off, you would only lose the *part* that you were downloading at the time, so most likely you would still have several clips/parts downloaded already. Give it a try...

saifuku - I know, it is tight as shit. I love AG too, but I have to thing of what I want on that. On this, they'll just throw up a Digweed set or something, and I don't have to think - just download

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