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Hey Sexboard Cum To Pvd!!!!!!!!!!

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as much as I love PVD, I really don't want to spend $40 bucks to be in an over packed room with sweaty people. I remember listening to him when he spun at twillo. He is incredible live and if you've never heard him live then he's certainly a treat. But I'd rather just go to a free lounge with my friend s and get hammered and dance my ass off. In the grand sceme of things, when your drunk and fucked up on whatever it is that pleasures you, they ultimately you'll have a great time....Also, I really don't like SF. I think that club sucks and there's way to many underdressed individuals walking around with jeans and no shirt. I'm not saying that walking around in jeans in a club is bad but when your there for muzik and pretty people then that's not the enviourment that you want....MY 2 cents

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