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i go from ashy,to trashy, to classy... doesnt matter as long as im getting assy... (okay dr.seuss calm down) but anyhoo, yeah in regards to porn the sluttier/trashier the better but seriously in real life... i take class/personality overall...

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Name: Raylene

Birthplace: Glendora, CA.

Birthdate: February 12, 1977

Ethnic Heritage: Mexican, Israeli

Measurements: 35/24/36

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red

Height: 5' 7''

Weight: 120 lbs

Best Known for: Her eccentric personality, comparable looks to

Alyssa Milano and Sophia Loren

Hobbies: Drag racing, 80's new wave music and her love of dogs

Favorite Color: Cobalt Blue

Favorite Food: Cheese

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alyssa milano my ass! she looks like that tiffany chick from my teased bang 3 pairs of different color socks days!! anyways.....nikki is better than her..... however she seems as deep as a puddle in her little 'bio' lol!!! and smart too.....not only does she like BLUE....but COBALT blue!!!!!! and cheese....i bet she is not talking about the kraft singles kind!!!

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