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There's this....

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guy at work...nosy as hell....He starts to sift through my things on my desk right in front of me, as if he's doing nothing wrong.

Today he was sifting through a bag that i brought in that had a bunch of leftover easter goodies...the funny thing is...he's Kosher...so he can't even eat any of it...but yet he still feels the need to inspect every inch of what's in the bag....

No matter what I say to him, he still proceeds to sift and sort through my things....and I even yell for him to mind his own business....and he just laughs....

I swear...I hate nosy people!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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there's a guy who works with me who does the same thing...he opens my CD player to see what I'm listening to, clicks things on my computer to see what I'm doing and openly looks through my drawers for supplies he needs...I got something for him...I lock all of my drawers and cabinets and take home the key (he's been known to look through my drawers for the keys)...I hit him with my ruler as he reaches for my mouse and I kick him as he reaches for my CD player...

the nerve of some people! I told him several times, if you need something, ask...he had his chance...I fight dirty...that DDT isn't such a bad idea, he's a tiny tike too! :horns:

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UMMMM....I dunno about u guys, but if anyone @ my company were to go through my personal stuff, not only would I rudely tell them to "FUCK OFF" but I would also notify a supervisor...work and personal life should be kept seperate, let the fucker get in trouble :tongue:

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