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off topic - need advice, should I ask for a raise??

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Any suggestions are appreciated....

I've worked at this company for 2 yrs. I received one raise a year ago December. This year we received a memo that there would be no annual raises. So it's April now and I feel I deserve more $$$. I feel there is a 65-70% chance I'll be shot down. What should I do:confused: :confused:



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That sounds nearly as bad as my situation...and it's funny that you started that thread as I've just been thinking about this stuff this morning on my drive to the office.

My situation looks like this: I've been with the company now 1.5 years and when I approached the topic of a promotion 6 months ago, I was promised one for May this year.

Unfortunately though the economic situation hasn't been too great and my company is pretty much affected by that.

Anyway, I still decided this morning that I will have a talk with my boss...the worst he can do is say no and that I still have to wait a little bit.

So I would say: Go for it!!! At least you've tried and maybe you'll get even lucky :)

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