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Paul Van Dyke Playlist from a radio show

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This is from some radio show called Fritz or somehtin like that. im sure a lot of these tracks he played at sound factory also. not sure though.

1: Mindcontrol - I`m gonna wait for Love


2: Arrakis - Aira Force


3: Minimalistix - Close Cover


4: M.Prinz - Suck Crack


5: Etienne de Crecy - When Jack met Jill

[solid Rec]

6: 20.30 -

7: Ben Onono - Badagry Beach(Rui da Silva Mix)

[badagry Rec.]

8: Garbage - Breaking up the Girl(Brothers in Rhythm)


8: Garbage - Breaking up the Girl(Brothers in Rhythm)


9: Chemical Brothers - Come with Us


10: Luke Slater - Nothing at All


11: 21.00 -

12: Underworld - 8 Ball

13: Arctica - Way

[White Label]

14: Sono - Blame


15: R.A.M. - Powerstation

[Kiddaz FM]

16: Sundance - Won`t let this Feeling go

[inferno rec.]

17: 21.30 -

18: Misjah+Tim - Access RMX


19: Deep Orange+ D`Access - Panama

[RTech Rec.]

20: Soho - Flyin Madness

[White Label]

21: Unknown - Unknown

[Liquid Rec.]

22: The Untamed - Innocent Child

[White Label]

23: Elan - Find Your Way

[Violet Rec.]

24: Alpha Breed - Beyond the Moon

[Combined Forces]

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