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Cowboy hats on ladies....


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if you ladies can pull this off, let me just tell u Oh My God, do you look hot. Since, I live in North Jeresy there aren't too many woman wearing them, but here's my advice to you ladies: Cowboy hats drive us crazy, I don't know why they just do.

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definately agree with you here, cowboy hats DO look damn hot on women. been at a club last weekend and there was a group of 5 girls (about 18-20 y.o.), all dresses up as cowgirls, with style. damn sweeeet!

and boy they could dance, they were on the dancefloor and like every girl had 4 men around them, jesus were these guys pathetic. we chatted them up later ("so did you enjoy the attention ladies" "don´t you love it when 30y.o.+ guys are hitting on you" bla bla bla (cause some of the dancefloor chumps were actually that old)) and closed 2 of em :)

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