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If you had the $$$.., where and how would you have your wedding??


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I would want a small, intimate affair with only our best friends (including all of you guys of course ;) )... Somewhere really private and exotic, like in the Mayan ruins or something; I'm picturing waterfalls, fresh water flowing, and some jungle cats roaming around; the ceremony would be performed by a native american shaman (I actually went to a rave where a shaman married DJ Reese). With the world's best djs spinning at the reception of course... Junior, Terry Mullan, Carl Cox... to name a few...

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Well I know I want an orchestra there, no shitty bands for me. Somewhere on the beach, maybe Meghan's Bay in St Thomas. I know that after I get married I am going to Bora Bora for 2 weeks and renewing my wedding vows in a Polynesian ceremony. Thats already in the planning stage.

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im into the whole fairytale thing.. if i had the money..i'd do it over in england, on one of those big country estates or an old castle estate, with the huge grand ballrooms..everyone would be flown over and we'd make a whole long weekend out of it..and my second choice would be an exotic island, either in the caribbean or even somewhere like the greek islands, b/c they're so romantic...the music part has already been claimed by my bf as his dept so i dont know bout that part...

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