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1.) I need an id from the Hennes and Cold Set 1.09.01 that was on Sades list its the third track between Derb and Joy energizer it has the words "What's Criminal, whats whats criminal.

2.) Armin Van Buuren Mix A state of trance episode 38 about 39 min into it the words are "everytime I loose my self control, it feels like i can let you go, im at the point of no return, dont ever wanna come back down im up so high above the cloud, this feeling I won't let down, take me away, Nothing to say Im flying" or some thing like that its a vocal everyone knows and its bugging me.

3.) Armin Van Buuren Live at Scanners Dordt Holland starts at 26 min into it, its a repeating synth that can be heard on a lot of albums of trance.

If anyone needs me to send the sets I will be more than willing to, just msg me on AIM. Check the sig for all contact information!

Anyone have any :idea: 's ?

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Originally posted by christop

Tatanka & Ado the dream-kriminal flash

Right on! Thats the Jam, thanks..

I have yet to wonder why I send tracks out to people to they can ID them for me. You are all truly music masters on this board, and I should just start from here to find all answers to my music inquiries! Thanks guys and gals! :D

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