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Official Bump and "..." Meetup for ARMIN - MAY 3

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Originally posted by gmccookny

Friday soundz good... I haven't been to EXIT in a while, it will be good to see the changes.

We'll also need to schedule a place to meet and time:)

YeahhH!!!! We should schedule a time and place...

hmmmmm....how about 2am @ the Bar on the right side on the main floor...the one close to the exit...?

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Was thinking about Boo 6 too,

How many acts will actually showup.

Anyone heard anything..new..

The downside

Security Restrictions: No weapons, drugs, coolers, pets, bottles, cans, beverages, food, chains, spikes, chairs, umbrellas, fireworks, or flyers.

The no weapons,dogs,and fireworks i could see but why the rest???

Are they selling bottels of water for $10.00

Whats the deal with Randals Island.

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Originally posted by spragga25

pregame anyone?? I think I can pull one off.

Holly shit you're going????

Even if not, I'm def down for a pregame......I hope to be stumbling by the time I make it into Exit.....only way to enjoy myself there. Well, that and hook up with an Anna Kournikova lookalike:)

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