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What are all the levels to CP?


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I know you start as a Newbie, than New Skool, Clubber(currently), Old Skool. After those I don't really know the order of the rest of the levels? Would anyone like to inform me?

And How many posts do you need to write your own heading. Seems like it takes forever to get to that option. Just curious to see what's in store for the future.

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Originally posted by nyis4meatheads

I think it just goes Old School Legend, Club God, then make up your own name.

Not sure if I'm missing a step somewhere though.

I think they should make up a name for each post up to 1,500... it'd be more interesting that way :tongue:

yup...thats right..:)

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Originally posted by sexxyh

<~~~~old school legend!!!!

ima definetely cut down on posting once i reach 1501:tongue:

It's like talking about drugs or something.

This is gonna be the last time I drop a pill......I swear. :laugh:

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