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im here... i just been busy with alot of things...

and marko i got your message lastnight... (and also some from sunday? or was it thursday?) i dunno you know how i am... i check voicemails once a month... if its that important you can call me back...

zehra.. you know whats funny... when i was driving on the turnpike i was about to call you... i was like... damn... when im bored i call zehra.. hehehe.. JK.. i love you...

and marci renee dikens... i didnt even know you had a middle name... i think renee is a mad hot sounding name... yummm

roninmess... i hate big asses.. mad nasty.. im afraid to get stuck when im hitting that shit...

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Originally posted by dgmodel

very good... im on the phone right now making reservations at the vagina diner...

:mad: Im serious....:(

haha....did u speak too him...he needs, yearns for u;) :tongue:..we should all go out to din din, for real..btw...try and get ur ass out friday

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