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  1. Any good clubs in Boston?

    thx for the info More questions tho... is underbar right under Roxy? I think I went there a couple years back but it was called something else and it's more of a lounge than a danceclub right? Anyone know about Whiskey Park and the Billiards place around the corner from the alley - I think it's on Washington Street but I can't remember the name. I heard they were putting in a nightclub but don't know if it ever happened.
  2. Any good clubs in Boston?

    Hi - I recently moved back to the area and I'm trying to plan a weekend with some friends coming into town to visit. I was going to bring them to Avalon but was told that it's closed (RIP Avalon ) so now I'm not sure where to bring them. We're all between 23 and 25 and we like going to the larger, higher end clubs and lounges - not really into the 18+ crowd so we don't want to hit any college spots. Any suggestions other than listening to top 40 at the rack? Thanks! Heather Oh- and it doesn't have to be in Boston - just in the area (I'm in NH and we'll go as far south as Providence).