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  1. New here, where are CP logos?

    I am a promoter in the Seattle area and I am going to be posting new events on this site as promo. I would like to place a ClubPlanet.com logo on my flyers for events. Is there a page where I can get these CP logos? I haven't seen any pages myself so the help would be appreciated.
  2. Clubbing in Seattle

    The scene in Seattle is great. It needs to improve some but overall its cool. But one thing that needs to change is the listings that I see on this site for Seattle venues. Some of these listings are so out of date I can't believe it. Please check your Seattle club listings and bring it up to speed.
  3. Seattle nightlife

    Hello everyone. My name is Rozz. I am the owner of RozzvilleMansion.com. A promotions and events company based in Seattle, WA. I want to give the heads up about new events coming this spring and summer. I have a ton of free out door events taking place for all ages. I also will be at a few clubs on a regular in the south Puget Sound area. For more details please check out my site www.RozzvilleMansion.com.
  4. Rozz, just introducing myself

    Whats up. MY name is Rozz. I am a promoter and producer in Seattle. I am here to promote and network. I will be throwing parties all year long in Seattle so if any of you want to hang just holla. I also will be dropping a new CD this year and have a CD out now titled "Rozzville Vol. 1 The Legend Begins Now". Its a hip-hop CD. I also produce house music and have a current single out now titled "Metro Life Vol. 1". My websites are down right now but I can be reached at www.MySpace.com/RozzvilleMusic or www.MySpace.com/RozzvilleEnterprize