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  1. Alright everyone, I need your help. My sister is getting married and her friends TOTALLY dropped the ball on throwing her a bachelorette party so I'm trying to throw something together at the last minute for her. Here are the details: Party is Saturday 2/9 in South Beach. I'd like to do dinner, maybe a drag show (anybody know any good ones??) then club hop the rest of the night. There will only be about 8 of us, 25-30 age range, good looking fun party crowd. My sister DOES NOT like the whole strip club thing and she has banned me from having any dancers at her party (lame, I know.) Also, this may sound kinda crazy but my sis has a ridiculous good singing voice and I thought it would be funny to end the night drunk out of our minds at some little karaoke dive and make her sing but I have no idea where I'd find one of those or if there even are any in South Beach. Any help you guys could give me would be soooo appreciated. I want to know what has the best scene Saturday nights and if there is anything special this weekend or anything I should definitely stay away from etc. Again, any help anyone could offer would be fantastic.