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  1. Thanks guys!! Despite the fact that I swore I wouldn't go back to Ultra and would rather enjoy smaller parties and pool parties this year (as I think that's what really makes the WMC), I have decided to give Ultra another chance again this year and am going to buy a 2 day pass just to see Tiesto closing on Friday and then Paul Van Dyk and Underworld on Saturday (the Paul Van Dyk set should be really interesting as it is going to be live with guest vocalists and a full band!). So for a bit more money I'll get to see three big names instead of just one (I have also read very mixed opinions about Mansion and Tiesto's sound there so I don't want to spend so much money just on him).
  2. Hi! For those of you who like Tiesto and have seen him before, what do you think: Would you choose to see him at Ultra or at Mansion? I know if I see him at Ultra I could also see other djs for just a few extra bucks, but I am afraid his set won't be that long at the festival and the crowds will be just too much to deal with, whereas at Mansion he might do a much longer better set. What do you guys think??? Has anybody seen him at both places in previous years?