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  1. Hello everybody! This is my first official post here and I thought there was nothing better than offering you my latest promo set in order to introduce myself properly to this community. Below is the link to my latest Dirty House set that you can either listen directly in the player or you can decide to download it. I hope to make some happy listeners among you guys. >>>>> Dan Stringer :: Dirty Midnight Talk <<<<< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Playlist: 01.) Fusiphorm - Green Chocolate (Koljah's Exploding Cake rmx) 02.) Del-5 - Sex Lip (Original Mix) 03.) Midnight Society - Beautiful (Addictive Mix) 04.) Kynt - Makes Me Hot (Midnight Society Mix) 05.) Andrey Loud ft Vasilia - Follow Me (Mark Mendes rmx) 06.) Ariel Baund & Toby Holguin - Naked Music (Angel Moraes rmx) 07.) Sumantri ft Plural - Tell Me (Angel Moraes Dream Mix) 08.) Tignino & Leo ft Mark Kerr - How Can You Feel (D-Nox & Beckers mix) 09.) John Creamer - The Healing (Saeed Younan Dub Mix) 10.) Macy Gray - Sexual Revolution (Nunez Morrillo & Who Da Funk) 11.) Mr Rogers - Monster In My Closet (RPO rmx) 12.) Satine - Sexy Sexy Gurl (J Verner Sexy Tribal rmx) 13.) Outsider - Sex Is Extra (No Assembly Firms Dotbleep Re-Edit) 14.) Madonna - Erotic (Midnight Society rmx) 15.) Trentemoller ft Ane Trolle - Moan (Trentemoeller rmx) 16.) Todd Gardner ft Shawnee Taylor - The Only One (Angel Moraes Mix) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you enjoyed my set you can find more of my stuff on my musicV2.com Download Page by following the link I've attach below. >>>>> Dan Stringer :: Bio & Download Page <<<<< I hope to make some very good friends and happy listeners among you guys Much Respect!
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Dan Stringer from Montreal Canada and I have been involved in the Montreal underground music scene since 2002. I began my Pro DJ career at the very first ever North American Wet & Hard featuring Corvin Dalek. This event was produced by me '(House Of Sins Productions) on March 13th, 2004. The success of the event led me to further explore my passion behind the decks. At this point in my young early career I was aided by my mentor, friend and partner in HOS, the excellent and very talented DJ Indica ''UK Stay Up Forever Crew'' , who turned out to be the most important influence and inspiration of my DJ career orientation and mixing style. My sound is an energetic and high-octane blend of Dirty House, Wet & Hard tracks, aggressive Prog & Techy House beats fused together to create a truly intense and exploding energy turning every single performance into a very unique gift to my crowd. Many say I have a unique talent that allows me to connect directly with my crowd everywhere in each venues I perform, therefore one thing never change, I always maintain consistency through my objective of delivering a "very intense energy set" throughout each of my performance. Given a few tracks of warming up, I will challenge your tastes and senses of what a real Dirty House DJ should sound like. You'll be able to notice that I have techny roots because it his very present in my mixing style. I can also from time to time dip into the darker side of house music bringing my crowd to the other side. Although many factors contribute to where a set will go, I don't even have a clue about the final product, and this until the very end when my set will be over because you'll guide me and you'll bring me with you at the end of the road. Every time Club owners and promoters find it a pleasure to work with me most of all because I am very practical and down to earth attitude about life and business. I often best describe himself with a smile, as a "Low Maintenance DJ". I'm always genuinely interested in the success of all parties where I’m involved. I hope to make some very good friends and happy listeners among you guys. Much Respect & Love to All!