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  1. any oldskool clubnyc heads here?

    i was goofing around today and decided to see whats up with the old scene. wow, i was on CP pre-2000...my old account has long been deleted. so nice to see this thread and reminisce about the old times of limelight (holy sh!t im dancing in a CHURCH!), tunnel (the original home of DT), palladium (arena!!!!! stadium seats babeee and the lit up wall), twilo (still the best sound system around...and the big ole discoball and all the asians sitting together!), vinyl (dark, dirty, no alcohol, DT at his finest!), the original SF (junior on saturdays with all the queers...sick). what a scene it truly was!!!!! DT vs. carl cox at twilo was and always will be the BEST clubbing night/day of my life....16 hours nonstop with NO booze or drugs....my feet were sore for days afterwards! fun, friendly, great people. heck, i still remember some of the old nicknames of some of you people my my, how time flies. i wonder if its lame for 30'somethings to go to clubs nowadays...heck, i wouldnt even know where to go...are there even any REAL clubs in NY anymore????? keep well guys!!!!!