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  1. DJ Xpress here!!

    What up Clubplanet. My name is Dmitriy aka DJ Xpress. Currently, I am a college student in my second year. I have two years of DJ experience in lounges, bars, and parties mostly in Brooklyn [Nothing major]. I used to work for cheap when I started just so I can promote myself to the public, but not anymore since know the basics and have a good music collection. I love to play Electro-house, Top 40, Remixes of pop songs, and just plain party music. I got laid off this summer at a lounge and now I don't have a place to DJ at. So please if you know a small nigthclub in the city that needs a DJ, tell me. Even if its as low as $50 per four hour set, its fine. Otherwise....hi to you all!!!
  2. Anything good out there?

    Hey whats up, My name is Dmitriy and I would like to know if I book some events to DJ on Clubplanet. I am a college freshman looking to DJ for a low price. I have some experience and have been DJing for more than a year now. Can anyone hook me up with info. about new clubs or lounges that hire DJs or stuff like that?