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  1. Hello All, Clubhoppers and DJ/Producers, Music Fans Blacklighroom is a relatively new digital download label, as of the last year. We provide, for the community of artists, Producers and DJs with over 2 dozen dance-specific stores, so if you have an interest in working with us, feel free to email Joey Kay at [email protected] <b><center>New Releases On Juno Today Through Blacklightroom Label http://www.junodownload.com/labels/blacklightroom/ A~Dre And Joey Kay - "Ritmo Destiny Joey Kay Remix"/"Ritmo Destiny (Original)"E.P. A~Dre From Philly USA! Latin_Feel Peak-Hour House Music! Jace Syntax - "Still Trippin Remix"/"The Advent Of Acid" E.P. Great Electro Minimal Tech House (On Player) Straight From Glagow UK. Joey Kay - "Comon Everybody (Original mix)"/"Comon Everybody (Extra Piano Mix)" E.P. Straight From Chicago Latin Groovez Deep House Pek Hour. Joey Kay - "Sling" Single - Tech House Slam Track! PEAK HOUR PRIZE! Enjoy, Cheers, And Glad To Be A Part OF The Clubplanet Community! ~ Joey Kay ~ Blacklightroom Digital Distribution
  2. Blacklightroom Joey Kay New 2 Clubplanet Nu Releases

    <b><center>Hey All. Blacklightroom and Joey Kay are new to clubplanet. Heres what we offer to DJs and producers, as well as over 50 Joey Kay Releases on Juno. http://www.junodownload.com/labels/blacklightroom/ http://www.releaserecords.com/Labels/Blacklightroom/ http://www.dancerecords.com/labels/blacklightroom/ http://www.mosdownload.com/blacklightroom http://www.djdownload.com/blacklightroom http://http://www.trackitdown.net/search/keyword?q=blacklightroom http://http://downloads.dogsonacid.com/recordlabel/107585.html http://www.stompy.com/Label/Blacklightroom http://www.wippit.com You Can Find Joey Kay Deep House Music On These Sites, Click To Direct You To His Catalogue Of Great Music http://www.junodownload.com/artists/joey+kay/ Cheers and thanks for having us on your site! Joey Kay/Blacklightroom Digital Distribution, Chicago