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  1. Hey from the U.K

    Hey all, how are you? Just signed up to this yesterday as I'll be spending alot of time in the U.S.A over the next 18 months or so & I couldn't face going for long periods without enjoying the nightlife. Really interested to see how different London is to your main cities & i'll be in L.A this summer checking everything out. I posted in the L.A forum about places I should visit, please help me out if you can. Anyway, enjoy your week & I hope to speak to you all at some point soon! Jason
  2. Hey all. This is my first post on here & I am looking for some advice/recommendations from you guys on where to go at night time. Me an my friends have never been to L.A before so this makes us rather clueless as to where the best hotspots are, that we can get into anyway as I am sure there are plenty of VIP places only right, much like London? We will be staying in West Hollywood, just off of Sunset Bvd, so it's pretty central and we will be arriving at the end of June. I would be dead grateful for any suggestions you have for us. We're just coming out for a good time, to let loose a little, have as little hassle as possible and just chill the heck out and forget about home for a little while. Thanks Jason