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  1. Junior Vasquez

    Hi danceshake01, that's where i heard the track from. anyone else? thanks for your time, danceshake01.
  2. Junior Vasquez

    hi guys, anyone knows the name of this song ... "so you say that now you want your freedom .... you can leave and take with you your reason ...time and time again, you say you're changing but you don't have to change no more. tonight i'm moving on so take your freedom .... happiness is out there waiting for me, no drama in my life to carry on. i'm moving on .. i'm moving. i'm moving on ... thank you for your help!
  3. Junior Vasquez

    Hi guys, Junior played these two songs last year. I know it's old. could you please id these 2 song names and remixer info. Please help. 1. how many time before have i told you that i be there for you. I will be right there when you need a friend through thick and thin .... just look into my eyes telling me what you need .... I stand by your side in the name of love. 2. kiss my love goodbye, don't even try, there's a reason why i want you out of my life ... the fun is over honey, time to move on. just want to let you know that my love is gone. thank you all for your time. see you there! Zack