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  1. You don't honestly think people will fall for that? The truth is this, you guys will sell as many online tix as you can. The only reason a club caps online tix is so that they can surcharge those at the door who didn't buy tix. However in this case a tix online is going for $28, you are near your theoretical limit of $30 at the door. Ergo, you'll sell as many tix as you possibly can online. If Demand is strong (and I think it's not at this point by your guys posts) you would have moved the price to 30 bucks online..
  2. #4 - PS14 after hours claim... Another illegal party??

    Back in the day The Mixx opened as a juice bar and stayed open all night long. The city said fuck you and changed the code. What I posted spells it out clearly, you just can't read. End of story..
  3. I predict that Biz won't be at this party for an hour.
  4. #4 - PS14 after hours claim... Another illegal party??

    I don't live in Miami, thanks for playing...
  5. I spoke to biz, when I told him how you were talking trash, he said this and I quote "who? never heard of the guy." ouch....
  6. #4 - PS14 after hours claim... Another illegal party??

    Bling you are a Jewban, but you gotta pick sides. Is Miami better off with Jews or Cubans running it????
  7. What your problem with Biz? You jealous of his stature here in Miami compared to yours? Are you saying that you don't need Biz for this party? Are you saying if you and Biz went head to head, you would win? Man up and post the truth! Are you a better promoter than biz???
  8. #4 - PS14 after hours claim... Another illegal party??

    dude, everyone knows once the Cubans got here the jews went running. Look at what Miami has become ever since the Cubans took over... BRING BACK THE JEWS TO RUN MIAMI!!!!!! NO MORE CORRUPTION!!!
  9. #4 - PS14 after hours claim... Another illegal party??

    I was speeding this morning, while it's illegal, I got no ticket. Doesn't mean I can speed, just means they choose not to enforce it or catch me. Miami is ran by Cubans who can't tie their own shoes. If the Jews took back Miami Beach, you'd see a huge positive change..
  10. #4 - PS14 after hours claim... Another illegal party??

    no no no, I called in Code Pink to protest in front of PS14.... I told them Cheneys 4th cousin owns the place..
  11. Dude, why you hating on Biz??? It's not his fault your party is going to tank like that stupid techno club on the beach that Marcos was pushing.. Call Biz, no one will make fun of you. Ok, I probably will, but that's about it.
  12. isn't anyone else reminded of the scene in Joe Dirt when he tries to get his car back out of impound...
  13. #4 - PS14 after hours claim... Another illegal party??

    Well they are breaking the law!! (Que Bevis and Butthead) Fact is, you are trying to profit off of Pawn Shops failed attempt at techno with an illegal party!!!
  14. Surprise!!!!!

    I'll be surprised if anyone shows up... sorry, stupid marketing idea...
  15. Took this quote out of the Hawtin thread.. Buddy, THERE IS NO AFTER HOURS AT PS14!!!! The only way you could do after hours there is at 7am!!! From 5am, till 7am, you are closedddddd! So unless you people leave PS, walk around for 2 hours then go over to PS14, then there is no after hours at the bar.. ENOUGH WITH THE BS WITH THESE PARTIES!!