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  1. Hey !

    Hi Nelly women beat there men
  2. Where can I find shrooms in NYC?

    Go to Ohio.
  3. Yeeeeeooooooooo. This is Jack Z..aka Velvet Rope from back in the day. I am now going by the HalfDeafChef. check me on Instagram and bla bla bla I miss this site like crazy and I hope I can meet some of my old friends on here. I know the scene has changed a lot but doesn't mean our voice has changed. if you know my name or know the parties from the past that we all had a great time at. then please hit me up and lets plan and good reunion or something, lol
  4. I was a member on club planet for a few years but it was years ago. I worked at exit, SF, Roxy, Limelight, Hunka Bunka, Abyss and Deko. I hit up tunnel and twilo and many other places that I wish was still open. I played some classic sets from my past fav djs including Johnny Vicious, Jonathan Peters, Manny the Greek, Richie Santana, Boris, Sal Parm, Tony Draper, Dominick Capello, David Quest, Roven, Cleveland, Eddie Baez, Tommy Myst, Toro, Mike gee, Mike bugout, and many many many others. I just came back on to see whats up and to see who is still on here. I used to go by the name VelvetRope I believe lol If anyone from then used to post back then. Hit me up guys and lets talk about how everything doing. I miss talking to my feloow club peoples lol.. I hope you all are well and doing good. I love you all. Jack Z