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  1. Divine Playground in Bayfront Park? Circa 1993

    hello guys, artificial intelligence was me and my crew! that was our baby! came across this thread doing a random search for pics of ai. didnt find any. to answer your question bout line up, it was: juan atkins cjbolland (didnt show cause of fear of flying) dj jeff (perverts dj doing the acid jazz) junior and me.. crazy times, lots of fun, honored someone remembers it! juan tore it up that night! it was me who played rez. i still have the pink vinyl! actually, ambient junkie has it for safe keeping, long story... i have some flyers somewhere.. if u guys are still interested ill dig it up. i also know i have a vhs tape of ai and of the id. man, that shit was fun! u guys remember Cosmic Shuttles?!?!?! peace!