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  1. Whats going on with...

    K. I haven't seen anything my way. I'm just curious about current prices and the kinds around.
  2. Subsitutes for K?

    So K has become virtually impossible for me to get and I may do e again one of these days. In the past, i always mixed the 2. What else goes well with e, other than weed?
  3. anyone ever go to cielo

    Right now, its the hardest club to get into in NYC. The space is beautiful, they have a very good sound system and excellent DJ's play there, but most of the time they will treat you like shit and turn you away in a heartbeat unless you know the doorman or are on the guestlist. There is a Monday party with Francois K that is probably most accessible. As for yesterday with Frankie Knuckles, I saw a big line outside and they've just never been friendly there so I'm sure a lot of people got turned away. Its weird because you can usually see the DJ's that play there anywhere, i.e Louie Vega, etc. I don't know why such DJ's would want to affiliate with an establishment that has the rudest door policy in NYC. I live in the neighborhood and go sometimes but its not my favorite place, only because of the door bullshit.
  4. the wire

    Its the best show on TV by far.
  5. Has Anyone Heard of Foxy?

    I read an articlke about in in Playboy last month. Usually publications like that don't know shit when they discuss drugs so I'm not taking the article too seriously. Supposedly, it is similar to E but more of sexual stimulant. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. After certain activites, the nose may be runny for a few days. Any suggestions? Obviously, abstinance is probably the best but that may take a few weeks to kick in.
  7. How is Suede on Tuesday Nights?

    Suede is really good on Thursdays. Its one of the few places in NYC where you can dance. The DJ plays a good mix of hip hop, 70's and 80's. If you are a girl, PM me for guestlist info. Sorry guys, you are on your own.
  8. The Palestinians are in the place they are today because they've never been accepted by any of the surrounding Arab nations. After each war, not a single Arab nation opened up their borders for these people. Essentially, they've been refugees for over 30 years. The Islamic fundamentalists want to blame Israel and the US for the suffering of the Palestinian people but thats bullshit. The only people they have to blame are themselves. Of course, Araft rejecting Israel's offer at Camp David some years back is also a huge factor. I believe Israel offered about 95% of what the Palestinians were asking for but Arafat said all or nothing. Thats just ridiculous.
  9. Its sold quite a bit at Phish shows and I'm told it's Molecule MDMA. I tried it a few times from reliable sources and I'm not convinced. Whats the deal with this stuff? Is it really pure MDMA or is this a hose job? It definately fucks you up and gives you somewhat of an E feeling but not like a pressed pill.
  10. Actually, I lied. I purchased the Twilo Disco Ball and I'm opening a new club next week. Unfortunately, I'm the only DJ that will perform so I hope you like my MP3's. Actually rocksteady, someone already booked the club for a Bar Mitzvah and I can't seem to find an MP3 for "Hot , Hot, Hot" and the "Chicken Dance" so bring your tables and you can come in for an audition. To all that stuck up for someone just trying to have a little fun at home, I thank you.
  11. rocksteadyct, fuck you! I can't even believe I've been carrying out this debate with a 20 year old. All high and mighty Mr DJ? Talk to me in 6 years, after you haven't made a red cent and you are pumping my gas. That makes me 26 because chances are you're too stupid to add. All I did was ask for a little advice and most people were nice enough to give it to me. You've obviously got some issues to deal with. And Quoth, whats with all this "yer" shit. Is writing on a messageboard like we are in 14th century England the new cool thing to do? Later kiddies.
  12. Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  13. This is so ridiculous. All I did was ask for a little advise. You guys are behaving like some local surfer kicking me off his beach. If you consider DJ-ing an art then you shoudn't discourage someone from wanting to play music, regardless of their equipment. Second of all, the fact that I have a laptop could make a difference. Laptops do not always perform as well as desktop pc's, especially for multimeda applications. I simply stated that I have a laptop with a P4, so some bonehead like you wouldn't reply back lecturing me on me that the software won't run on a PII or something.
  14. I posted a question before but realized I made an error. I am looking for a sofware that has a virtual mixer and turntables for mp3's and cd's. I just want to DJ a little at home on my laptop. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. You are such as asshole. Actually, my beautiful girlfriend is sitting right next to me. She too thinks your an asshole! Obviously, you have nothing better to do with yourself then talk shit on this message board. Over 6000 posts? Sounds like you must have a real active social life.!