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  1. James Holden @ Spirit, Fri 1/21

    still kicking myself for missing this.... glad you guys had a great time.
  2. ***james holden roll call jan 21, spirit

    Sounds like Holden threw down a great set. I would of loved to of gone, but I couldn't round up the troops. Anybody hear his Balance 005 dual cd? Both are great progressive mixes.
  3. gucci belt bag

    i kinda like that bad... dunno if i'd rock one though.
  4. M3 or S4???

    I downloaded an English road test of the two...the S4 acutally out handled the m3 on their road course. I can send it to you if you want...
  5. Deko Saturday!!!

    I'm gonna be there, gotta show the support for BG... and then get ripped !
  6. Open Bar this Friday @ Platinum

    hey buddy, how you been? I'll PM you later.
  7. Open Bar this Friday @ Platinum

    haha, i definitely will this time...just gotta finalize plans. I have a problem with planning things early
  8. Mario Brothers Booty (funny)

    that was great. . .i love the dance choices at the end.
  9. Deko Saturday!!!

    this is a possibility for tonight!
  10. Show Your Colors, Be Proud To Be American!

    I couldn't agree with you more, njdionysus. Things are gonna change real soon.
  11. That sounds like a plan. You were droppin some tracks I haven't heard in a while last night, and i was lovin' it.
  12. i am definitely down for that. we just gotta round up more troops next time!
  13. Last night was a good time. We spent most of our time in the Wave Lounge, we were feelin' the music more in there. Thanks to the infusion crew for the guestlist help. Good seeing everyone again!
  14. Dominatrix Night @ Platinum Friday

    aight boys, i will catch you all tonight