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  1. This board fucking sucks....

    As with most things...it's all about the people. You can have C'NYC 2001 back...you just gotta go where the people who were there at the time went
  2. underground rave at SF

    You say you appreciate a variety of people and then go on to run through the list of people you don't want to see? You do realize that this makes you look senseless...right?
  3. underground rave at SF

    YKHWD How's that for old skool
  4. Hmmmmmm

    If 2 threads is what you call coming back Weren't you banned when I left here? Interesting avatar Focker...very telling. Don't be bitter... Laterz
  5. Hmmmmmm

    Go check the other one we got goin' on this LOL! You're ANTI-FREAK too huh? tsk tsk
  6. Hmmmmmm

    Condescending? I said it's like a carnival. Do you have something against carnivals? Is that an insult? You're ANTI-CARNY aren't you?!?!?!? Relax, I'm playing.
  7. Hmmmmmm

    OH MY! How long has it been since I've seen the name crackorn?! Poppin' in for a visit Hola Cody!
  8. Hmmmmmm

    C'mon Mikey you can't resist All is well with you?
  9. Hmmmmmm

    LOL!! Yes you will
  10. Hmmmmmm

    Whaddup yo! Haven't been around these parts in a while. My last post was about a year ago LOL!! Just came to confuse
  11. Hmmmmmm

  12. Hmmmmmm

  13. question for FDNY

    I do not respect FDNY because the media tells me to, I respect them because I know many firefighters and what they are about. I do not respect NYPD because the media tells me to, I do because I truly know what they are about. My boyfriend is NYPD. I know what I am talking about. I was there in the rubble doing what I could for the cops and firefighters that weekend. The desperation I saw there was enough to break anyone. These men went through hell, from the minute it happened until now...and it's not over yet. You have no idea the devastation that is permanently burned into my brain after being there, after knowing one of my friends is actually inside that huge pile. After waiting night after night for my b/f to come home froma day of being sent to bomb threats. They acted as they should have. You act as if there was a break in protocol. There is no precedent for this. I believe that it is in fact YOU who does not know the real world. Please provide the details of this "investigation". I would like to run that by one of my friends who was also "in fact" in the building. He is a secret service agent.
  14. question for FDNY

    DO NOT DARE TO SAY YOU HAVE RESPECT FOR FDNY, YOU HAVE NONE. As far as your moronic questions, 1. If they couldn't extinguish it they could at least contain it and get people out. 2. Are you kidding? EVERY BUILDING ON FIRE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO COLLAPSE. That question is beyond nonsensical. 3. They helped people to exits that could be used. Yes, they were certainly needed to help guide people and I'm sure that more than a few survivors owe their lives to the direction of the FDNY You're utter disrespect and unappreciative comments are appalling. Here's a question for you...if someone happened to throw a match on your bed while you sleep...should they then show this post to your local firefighters?
  15. question for FDNY

    It's so good to see people thinking that way!! I'm with ya, my faith is always there