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  1. Anyone going to Ibiza this Summer?

    Yo tribal: Umm...which employees are you referring to besides myself? I'm the only spokesperson for the company covering our online presence and it is corporate policy that all employees of BringItOn! identify themselves as such when making public statements regarding our products. so... You can definitely trust that posts on our behalf are mainly former customer posts and we have no control over what they decide to say about our company. I think if anything the number of posts from these satisfied customers points to the quality of our service. You should email them directly if you wish to question them further! I'm sure they'll be willing to be very honest about their experience with us. It's the best reference a prospective customer can check on any company's statements. So when you dropping in our next Ibiza package? Taariq Lewis BringItOn! Tours Sales & Customer Care
  2. Anyone going to Ibiza this Summer?

    Yep ClubPlanet Crew. Dave's Right: At BringItOn!, we're all about making sure that our customers have the best time on the island. Sure, you maybe could save $200.00 - $500.00 with your travel agent, but it just wouldn't be as cool and as easy! 1. We only use direct flightsto Ibiza - Minimum1 - 2 hour lay-over in Spain. Via London you spend 12 hours waiting, switching airports... and maybe a hotel stay on the way back! There goes $200.00 and your valuable party time!! 2.We are one-stop shop. No necesita hablar in espanol, alemania, ruskyeh, o italiano. Call us to get your hotel and airline booking sorted once. Easy on the phone bill to London! 3. We have full staff of BringItOn! Reps on the island to make sure you are happy and attended to for your entire trip. Hey, if you don't like your hotel, your travel agent's not going to come to Ibiza to help you out. If you like us, you can even come work for us in Ibiza the next year! 4. We also give our customers any free tix and extras on the island. If you're purchasing our VIP packages, you get at least $200.00 worth of clubbing passes! We also have free sangria parties with DJ Gee at Bora Bora and Hi-FI! 5.Our clubber customers are the ones who made us so successful so with clubplanet, until April 15th, you get $100.00 off our packages + Free Club ticket. We're also going to be giving away free trips this summer, so sign up for our weekly newsletter to qualify!! 6. If you're looking for a quality, holiday, then we got villas, luxury apartments and VIP hosting for ya. Take a villa and we'll even give you a complimentary car, depending on the size of your group 7. Speaking of groups! We got Group Discounts and Free Club Tix starting at groups of 5 or more clubbers! 8. Give us a call and let us know how we can make your Ibiza trip a reality! We have Hotel Only Packages too starting at $635.00 for 8 days and 7 nights! Taariq Lewis Sales & Customer Service BringItOn! Tours.
  3. IBIZA....

    Hi all: Just thought I'd share that BringItOn! Travel was mentioned on the cover of the Sunday New York Times for our Ibiza Packages. http://www.nytimes.com/library/style/weekend/073000ibiza-spain.html It's a shameless plug and much apologies to the ClubPlanet Massiv. However, so many people don't know that going to Ibiza for a banging time doesn't have to cost you your year-end bonus, not with BringItOn! Travel anyway! Have a great Monday! Up.