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  1. Question about Vegas?

    I know this is not the Las Vegas board, but I thought you could help. How different is partying in Vegas on the weekends compared to the weekdays. Is there any REAL difference.
  2. Thanks guys!! By the way, what's the scene like at Cross. You mentioned that it might not be my thing. I looked at the website and it seemed like a very cool layout.
  3. How about some bars, before the afterhours begin? Or just a good area of town with a lot of pubs.
  4. I'm from NYC and I'm going to London on Dec. 20-22. I lookin to expericence the UK club scene. I mainly listen to house (Danny T.). Can anyone suggest some good bars and clubs?
  5. What to do in Chicago?

    Hey, I'll be in Chicago this week coming in from NYC. I don't know too much about the Chicago club scene. What are some good clubs to go to and when? Hope you can help. PS I mainly like House.