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  1. so what happened? selling out has nothing to do with the site still being free. selling out is about the site going commercial...
  2. Opinion on new ClubNYC...

    the whole point is: why do you have to rate the people that use your message board. if you're goal is to create a cohesive community, that comes to this message board to freely discuss clubs, etc, why do these people need to be judged? In the end it will only turn people away....
  3. Randy Like always you're right on point! clubnyc sold out to their members - the faithful that were there thinking this was something real, only to be screwed over for the money and commerialization. the board (b/c of the regulars) used to be so good... too bad it can't be that way anymore....
  4. Opinion on new ClubNYC...

    btw - this rating system for newbie/clubber/etc is sooooo lame! most of the TRUE underground clubbers who are there for the right reasons don't bother to post on here.... this is the most ridiculous way I've seen yet to try to build a member community....
  5. Opinion on new ClubNYC...

    Hi Jase What's with bashing clubnyc - I thought you were working with them. Did they screw you over? (probably - happens all the time) So what's with this new deal you're talking about ?