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  1. NEW YORK VS London

    When you said KEEP IT HARD, was that in reference to keepin my dick hard in your mouth while you wrote that post? Oh i will, sir, and allow me to say what you could have said had not my penis be shoved up your ass and out of your mouth. You british people have mindless dance patterns which consist of, and exclusively of, jumping around with bad teeth. nothing more and nothing less. With glow sticks, you EAT them (bad). You're pubs are superficial, with the feeling of the ancient archaic pathetic history of the uk. Your house has no soul and niether does your royalty. :blown: :blown: :blown: :blown:
  2. NEW YORK VS London

    you have a point, london is huge, but the general consensus that i've gotten from other people who has visited is pretty much the same thing. but in that respect, you havent been to the right places either, twilo got shut down and centro is the place to be for friday and saturday and people are always buggin out and bustin grooves on the dance floor.
  3. NEW YORK VS London

    Only because we can DANCE, instead of following what everbody else does. Wheres the originality, people? I went to fridge, mass, and club 414, and everybody is doing the same hop. wheres the fun in that? and forget about raving, its like it never existed, and people thin they are the dudes at airports who direct the planes when they are taxi'ing.... what the hell?

    it makes the lites become one... like a jedi's sword... hehehehee ------------------ whatcha gonna do when da cat comes 4 u?