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  1. Most annoying thing in the world?

  2. Can anyone give me more details as to where he is performing. I have been lost for a while on the following S & D. Pin2
  3. I am going to Vegas for the 4th of July can anyone suggest any clubs and parties that I should check out. I used to prefer the Twilo scene but anything that comes close to Exit scene would be fine. Thanks! Pin2
  4. Is it gay night tonight? Also is Nero spinning all night or is JV coming on later. Either Exit or SF? Pin2
  5. Let the music take control of your mind and your body will follow because the mind controls your body. Feel the BASS! Pin2
  6. Got Laid Off today!

    They just said that they will pay me for the remaining week and holiday days that I might have. No severence package. Pin2
  7. Got Laid Off today!

    Thanks for your support guys. Pintu
  8. Job Question for y'all......

    Guys I got Laid off today. After I posted on this topic this AM. Pin2
  9. Well I got laid off today! It sucks their reason "to much web usage and my department was downsizeing" fuck them they needed me they will be sorry now. Pin2
  10. I built LAN networks when companies move. On the phone most of the time becuase there are people out there that don't know what a RJ-45 jack looks like. HAHA:D I go out but only on weekends now. When I was in school it was Tuesdays and Thursdays. Damm I am old! Pin2
  11. Job Question for y'all......

    I did Psychology because I like people and helping other. Well, I plan on going to grad school but not until I am 30yrs old. I am doing IT work right now and I hate it. I got a certficate from Cisco on networking and I can't get a job in it. I am worth at least 60K but because the economy is so bad that my company is not even paying me to do their networking work. They are saying that I can put it on my resume as experiance. Well what I am getting at is that the economy is so bad that people who made 6 figures last year are willing to do the same work for half of that. Also they want people with experiance which sucks becuase if you go to college and expect to make the best salary you have to start at the bottom even though you might have more understanding on somethings than the other person because you went through college. Stay where you are until the market calls for you. Better to have some kind of a job right now than to have no job at all.
  12. ~DEAR GOD I hope there's nothing big

    You are so right the getting old part is what's killing me. Now when I leave clubs I am just thinking about how I used to do this back in 96-97! I hate getting old! Pin2:rolleyes:
  13. I am with you. I felt like calling out sick today but didn't. pin2
  14. Britney Vs. Shakira...

    Shakira I would do her WHENEVER AND WHEREVER! Damm those hips can move.
  15. No way! I don't buy this I think its not true! Tiesto and Jules spin at Exit I think their sound system can't handle it.