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  1. I was at the factory from 130 am till about 10 am sat night. The music was better than itsbeen in a long time. I like the factory yet im not a big JP fan. I think he jumps around too much. There was a pretty good crowd there and i had a really great time but there were too many 16 yr olds and wat too much steriods with attitudes in the room. It did affect the night slightly which made it a really good time instead of an awesome time
  2. Exit Saturdays ... Whythey suck

    im not saying to get rid of boris. The DJ's from last year probably wont come back.All im saying is that it seems to me when they left so did alot of the crowd.So many people i know that went there dont go because the dj's arent there anymore. that place was a big NJ crowd and Denny Tsettos was very well known in jersey between abyss and temptations. Im not saying replace anyone. The sad part about new yourk is it always changes for good or bad. Usually when its gone its gone for good the vibe probably will never be back....
  3. I Think in my opinion the reason Exit died on saturdays is because of the DJ's. I know alot of people rag on denny tsettos and Eddie baez but they have a big following in NJ and LI and it seemed to me alot of mid twenty somethings went to exit last winter and stopped going when they left. I dont know if exit could come back or if they could even get the DJ's back but if it got to where it was last year it would be awesome. The vibe was incredible and the crowd after 4 am was banging. it seems really hard to find the place where you could sit down and just talk with some girl next to you with no motive. Seems at the factory every girl has an attitude like you want them in bed

    The age to get into these places is 21 it doesnthavea limit i guessyou stop going when you dont have fun anymore. I now marriedcouplesthat go to factory and exitand roll all night and are in their mid 30's. I am 31 today. the first club i went to was in 1986 on my 16th birthday. that club was called Studio 54 it was awesome. Since i have been to the 1018(now the roxy) the underground, emrald city, twilo, Webster hall, exit SF, abyss , hunkas, joeys , chicagos and sound garden same thingsand many more. i still have fun enjoythe music and the candy you get to playwith there. If you are there with a bunch of friends andhavea good time does it matterhow old u are. i thinkthe people who stop going in their early 20's are thosethat only go to hook up and are now in relationships. i go for the music mainly. i love that they dont playiton radio and you have to go out till 10 am to hear it
  5. Roommates

    Roommate wanted in edison/ metuchen area. pref someone around 25 and over male or female doesn't matter must be responsible and respectful. send reply
  6. tequilla joes

    i will agree tjoes needs a new DJ but hey the place is what it is. Its a place to go when u want to be in a club atmosphere with out going to a club. They will never get decent DJ's there, i was talkingtosomeone who kenw one of the dj's and said he gets about 150 a night. well 150 isnt getting much for a dj when other clubs are paying probably over 500 a night. Could get more doing weddings than DJ'ingat tjoes. I do see alot of people bumping in there but it seems hard to find pills and if u do they arent real good
  7. Exit gone hip hop

    has anyone heard that Exit has gone hip hop on saturdays and is now closing at 4am ?? If so whos taking over exits Saturday night crowd