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  1. What's da best club in town?

    The Supper Club is gets really lame after a few times. There are so many really, really cool places in Seattle (for some reason, the club scene looks really great now). If you ever need a group of folks to tour around with, that's kind of the whole point of our group (Marvelgirl7). Shoot me an email and we can hook up: [email protected] or just go to the website and see what we're all doing (note, however, that the next two weekends I, personally, am out of town). http://www.marvelgirl7.com --Danielle
  2. this Saturday night 7-8-00

    Are you asking about Planet Hollywood the restaurant that our friend Arnold "Not a Tumor" Schwartzenhagger (sp?) founded? What does this have to do with the Contour? I'm so confused. Regardless, I wanted to say that I went to One Love Wednesday at the Contour and it was totally groovy. Good job, boys. --Marvelgirl Danielle http://www.marvelgirl7.com
  3. June 19 or Before...

    I'm never offended. Have fun!

    This reminds me: If anyone wants to promote an event, write me at [email protected] I have a weekly email newsletter and a web page where I post all this stuff (http://www.marvelgirl7.com). --Danielle
  5. What's da best club in town?

    What are you looking for? I think the I-Spy/Nation is the best in a lot of ways. Certainly the best Goth club is The Mercury. Contour is great in a lot of ways (I went to One Love last night and that was swank). Go to http://www.marvelgirl7.com/reviews.htm for club reviews. --Danielle
  6. Reggae Band?

    Ok, I would also like to talk with some Ska bands, if anyone knows any of those. Thanks! And yes, it's still a paying gig. ------------------
  7. Memorial Day Weekend?

    The USC thing was like a lot of tripped-out 16 year-olds. The DJs were pretty cool, but it was kind of strage to be hanging out with these little kids. I'm 25, so there was this huge age gap (although they all loved my outfit). Dancing was fun once I could get kind of away from the crowd. I hadn't slept since Friday morning, too, so I was pretty tired. I'm probably going to Mannequin this week, since I was really *wanting* to go last weekend. It's a pretty hip place to be. Was it crowded? --d ------------------
  8. The Mercury

    Naturally, you'll be going with us. --d ------------------

    Dang it! Advance notice would be nice! We totally would have gone, maybe. ------------------
  10. Memorial Day Weekend?

    Well, I flaked out on Mannequin, so I don't know if anyone else showed up (actually, I know they did, but I doubt they knew eachother) since United States of Conciousness threw their 4 year anniversary and I had to go. We'll go this week, though. --d ------------------
  11. moving from NYC to Seattle - what's the scene like

    Hi! Welcome to our fair city! My website, http://www.marvelgirl7.com has some stuff that might be useful. I don't know about Sound Factory, since I'm not from NY. My friend's from NY, so he might be able to help out. You're totally welcome to come out on one of our romping nights. --Danielle ------------------
  12. Good Goth/Glam-Rock Hangouts?

    Ok, here's the deal... We'll be having dinner at The Bad Juju Lounge (http://www.marvelgirl7.com/reviews.htm# at around 9pm and going to The Mercury at around 10pm. The Mercury is a members only club, so you've absolutely got to let me know if you want to go. Brenton674, I've gotchew covered. You'll probably be getting my newsletter in a few minutes after I send this post. --Danielle ------------------
  13. Memorial Day Weekend?

    Hey! The Marvelgirls are going to be at The Contour this Saturday (June 2nd) for Mannequin night. See you there! --Danielle ------------------
  14. Reggae Band?

    Yo! I'm putting together a humungous party for August and need to get in touch with some reggae bands. It will be a Tropical Paradise party. Please email me asap at [email protected] Yes, this is a paying gig. --Danielle ------------------
  15. Good Goth/Glam-Rock Hangouts?

    Bing, bing, bing! I can get you in. Here's the deal: in order to be able to serve hard alcohol without serving food, they had to be a private club. So a member has to sponsor you. I'll probably be going again on Friday, June 2nd if you'd like to come with me. I usually run with a big pack of people/wolves, so it might be an opportunity to meet some really cool folks if you're new in town. Drop me a line at [email protected] if you'd like to go. --Danielle ------------------