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  1. Did anyone else see him? I can't stop thinking of him!!!! He was dancing as soon as you walk in the dance floor by the lobby. Spanish or an oriental mix and I believe he was with the guy with long hair and sunglasses.
  2. Spanish looking guy with sunglasses dancing like I have never seen a man dance before. He was moving his hips and looked engrossed with the music. I wish I can find out where he goes, but I am sure he's not from NY, he looked European. His body was the best I have ever seen!
  3. Did anyone see that guy dancing on the podium as soon as you walked into the dance floor? HOLY SHIT he was/is beautiful. Was it just me or did everyone want to dance with him? Watching him alone made my night enjoyable and that music was great!!! Did anyone else notice him?
  4. Does anyone know that song that has a woman singing in Italian? It's on 103.5 a lot. It sounds like an Italian Opera singer over some great beats. Please help me out here guys. Thank You!
  5. Ms.Kitty

    There was someone on there this morning by Ms.Kitty. She 19 so I figured it was you. Sorry. Would you be interested in a 22 year old female by any chance? If not I am sorry, but I am just curious.
  6. Ms.Kitty

    Were you on Howard Stern this morning?
  7. Best Way to get a girl back with you??

    Lovem do nothing!!! Give her her space and let her evaluate if she wants to get back to you. Love is like sand, the harder you try to grip it, the more it slips through your hands. I hope it makes sense.
  8. I was there with a few of my friends and we had a few jars of K with us. We took our bumps and I just was a zombie for a good hour but I do remember people coming upto me and being all nice and shit to me. The only thing is I was all by myself because my friends were off on their own adventure. (I can't walk around on K, I just want to sit down and float) But those nice people took all of my money and my Vicks Vapor inhalor. They took over 70 dollars and my debit card. I was having such a good night until I realized what happened, but I would like to thank the guy Mike and his girlfriend who were there to help me. (getting me water and a blow pop. Hey sounds simple but it brought me up a little. Some people are just asshole, I hope they are happy with the money. What comes around goes around.

    Wow, you are pretty cute. Where do you go?
  10. Danny T arrested!!!!!

    First off i'm not a bro, I'm a she. Second he was to spin on Saturday in Europe but he never showed. Came out to be that's what happened. I haven't seen the police blotter, but it seems to be true. Don't belive me then, you will all find out for yourselves soon enough.
  11. Danny T arrested!!!!!

    No joke. Sorry to report that. Who will spin at Vinyl now?
  12. Yes Danny was arrested in Europe for driving under the influence and possession with intent to distribute. THIS SUCKS!!!!!! He will not be spinning at Vinyl for quite some time.

    Do you think maybe you could help me with my hair??? i wish it could be so pretty and curly like yours. luv, brandie I'd love to help you hon, but my hairstylist is big bucks and I doubt some succubus jobless wonder like yourself could afford it. I think my other pictures with the lifeless greasy hair and protruding belly is more your style. te-he luv, MissPiggy
  14. I hope this more realistic picture of me makes it thru the bandWIDTH. Peace out, MissPiggy.