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  1. What's up with St. Louis?

    Went to CHEETAH last weekend, dj icey (breakbeats dj from orlando) spun. Incredible. Lots of breakdancers, lots of room to dance, lots of bars and you can't forget the cages plus smoke didn't linger and make my eyes bloodshot. I've been to LIQUID multiple times. Huge, loud and packed out always. (almost too crowded) More clubby scene than cheetah. Techno top 40 but sometimes they get live dj's to spin (saw dj scribbles there)plus play hiphop too. Too many shady men and young girls in cheap slutty clothing. VOODOO CLUB is like LIQUID but smaller. Cool waterfall but again somewhat shady people. VELVET and LO (so i've heard) are true clubs with house and trance and all that good stuff. HAVE A NICE DAY CAFE chain...crap music but if you like top 40 hits and seventies you'll love it. The disco dancefloor smells like ass. Bouncers are a bitch there. Check out stl raves, there's usually one every weekend in the LOU. Talented dj's that spin all night long utill 7am. Drawback...way expensive and no bars, plus you get dirty. People are way friendlier there, i've never been groped. Hope this helps...peace out yo