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  1. Vinyl!

    Yo, does anybody know the hours of Vinyl, dress code,DJ's, and where it is? also the same info for "Does your momma know" peace
  2. House clubs!

    I'm new in town and I was looking for the dope house music spots. but I like the clubs that have no dress code ( I like to dress comfortable when I'm dancing) also I'm a house dancer(circle dancer) and I wanted to know what spots have house/breakdancers at them. please reply thank you peace
  3. Ladies night at The Spot...

    Hey Dlish,I gonna be moving to LA in about2 weeks and I'm into the house ( I'm a house dancer) and someone on this board told me to ask you about "The Spot" and other venues that play dope house. How is the Spot?,Crowd? Vibe? Dress Code? Thanks ZULU1
  4. In the beginning, there was Jack

    House is the bomb!!! does anybody know the spot to go that plays the dopest house music in LA? Thanks ZULU1
  5. House music/dancers

    Sup yall! yo I'm gonna be movin to LA in a few weeks so I was wonderin if anybody knew the deal with the spots that play dope house music. I have heard of Giant but I don't know if they play house music. And also I'm a house dancer, are there any house dancers that hit up the spots that play house? aight peace ZULU1