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  1. Scot Project @ Webster Hall, Fri 3/30

    anyone know what time he is going to be spinning and for how long? thanks.
  2. Review of Sasha & Digweed @ Mansion

    completely agree.. completely boring.. had to listen to him again on his boat party on friday.. was a little better..
  3. Comin to NYC 9/29 and 9/30

    sushi samba sucks.. goto buddha bar
  4. Paul van Dyk @ Central Park, Sat 8/20

    central park ain't no club. he does his 3 hour set and its over. park is closed. if he gets booked in miami then he goes to miami. ain't no reason for him to stay in new york if he ain't working.
  5. who is spinning at ARC tomorrow 9/5/03?

    this guy any good? what type of music does he spin? is there anywhere else to go tonite? thanks
  6. who is spinning at ARC tomorrow 9/5/03?
  7. anyone know any list for tonite? friday thanks
  8. TWILO!!! Open???

    i heard it reopened last week? true false? soN
  9. are any clubs 18 and over on fridays? tunnel? exit? soN
  10. is it going to be gay night like it was that last saturday before it closed?
  11. exit music

    anyone know the names of the good songs they play at exit? thanks