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  1. Help!Wedding-Playlist!

  2. Help!Wedding-Playlist!

    believe me i am doing this over 15 years - i know i am doing something right !! what company do you work for?
  3. Help!Wedding-Playlist!

    sal is doing well - he is doing production and mash ups with Skribble... Also doing original tracks and remixes on his own... Does the club jock thing and also back into doing private events such as weddings and corporate parties for a Staten Isand based company
  4. my advice become a teacher -
  5. Home Gyms

    right now i am using dumbells, a bar and a bench
  6. Home Gyms

    thanks fopr you input
  7. Atlantic City this Friday...

    no i haven't - i don;t really go toclubs anymore - by the time i get off work on the weekends i just want to get some sleep
  8. Atlantic City this Friday...

    see in the clubs it was hot for what about 1 month or so... but private events used to eat it up because they would here it at sportibng events and KTU etc... so the private party crowd usually goes with the KTU sound as far as dance music.,. but your right zombie nation was a wreck
  9. Atlantic City this Friday...

    i play what the bride & groom request that i play - that is what a professional mobile DJ does...
  10. Atlantic City this Friday...

    come on when sal was doing the plasmic honey thing he was blowing up in NJ, SI and philly
  11. Atlantic City this Friday...

    Robbie is a good guy - when i first met him he looked nothing like i expected him to look... He was in the booth with Sal Dano... Dano is a charcter also so they were really cool... The first time i saw him in Philly Sal Parm took me and my cuz to Shampoo but we didn't go into the booth only Parm did so that night i just heard him play never met him or saw him really
  12. Atlantic City this Friday...

    it wasn;t him when i went - i hav eno idea who it was
  13. Atlantic City this Friday...

    oh ok the last time I was at Casbah it was in April - the crowd was huge but i wasn't feeling the vibe - especially when the Walk Like An Egyptian remix was played i met Robbie a few times in Philly while i was with Sal Parm in Babylon... Also met him at Hunka Bunka with Sal Dano one night
  14. Atlantic City this Friday...

    when did Tronco start doing Casbah?
  15. Home Gyms

    thank you - I was thinking of getting the bowflex dumbbells... and thank you for the congrats