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  1. Major Announcement The Waterclub 2006

    yeah, quincy flashed on our nye party. we did the pre-sale tickets open bar deal. which is how your "supposed" to do it... but marina bay is alot like its own lil town with its own political agenda. if your constantly blowing someones skirt up, you end up on their shitlist. we ended up losing our liscene for a few days this summer, which isnt too much of a headache, cause we can pick the days, IE mon-wed. the last 2 nights were pretty damn good for the first week of march. thursday we did about 175 people. and friday we were at about 80% even though we are mostly indoor, it greatly depends on the weather.
  2. Major Announcement The Waterclub 2006

    The Waterclub Marina Bay Quincy OPENING NIGHT: Thursday May 4th with my last days here Ill be helping kick things off on Thursdays & Saturdays. DJ Greg Schnieder will be with me on Thursdays, as well as Fridays. Starting in June, Wednesday will be an electronic music night, I really wont be around and dont know the fine details, but Ive heard some of the names thrown around, and it looks to be promising. Sunday will be DJ Big Daddy. as well as guys Like Chad LaMarsh for dinner\sunsets on Sundays. Ive enlisted some of the usual multi-talented DJs to fill my void for the next 2 summers. Some of which you know, some you havent... but all are established and can hold it down without battin an eyelash. Nancy will be organizing the 9-11 event this year. [email protected] or http://www.myspace.com/thewaterclub I expect a kickass video!!!! I really didnt plan on having "another" going away party...but Im thinking a lil small something around memorial day... seeing how my final date is June 4th, and thats NOT gonna change...unless I get Pregnant or something... So, as usual Waterclub will do minimal promotion, so if you dont hear anything for a while, dont sleep. we hit capacity every decent night I worked, and thats not a promotional exageration. and they didnt do much at all. they have Bose stepping up with some additional sound, a new dance floor, sound & lighting on the 1st floor. They extended the bar on the 2nd floor, hired a new kitchen staff for extended food, and got nice new sliding doors for the 2nd floor balcony... And I know where looking for a deeper lineup with dancers, so if u know anyone. as far as DJ ing goes...we are in overload. we have a bullpen of about 8 right now 6 of which were my personal recomendations, So get with the greg about wednesdays if u wanna come in and drop a set. (he's on the waterclubs myspace page) so, i guess thats it? yeah, i know, nothing "major"
  3. Deploying to Iraq, selling Mint 1200s!!

    best offer so far has been 775 for everything (not the needles, but at this point I just wanna get rid of em....) I switched to 35x's anyways
  4. Im goin to be in IRAQ til almost 2008 sadly i wont need my new decks (sorry I already sold my Rane Empath) so heres the sale 1 black technics 1200 mk5 (Bought in September 05) 1 black Technics 1200 mk2 (Bought in November 05) The mk5 was about 530+Tax The MK2 was about 475+tax (this is the NEW black mk2, NOT the OLD 1210) ALSO, the 2 carpeted cases for the decks IS included and if u need needles, we can work that out, I have a cache of ortofons MUST GO SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [email protected]
  5. Deployed to iraq, Selling 2 mint 1200s

    Still got em!!!!
  6. Music Forum: March Madness

    wooooooooooooooooord! Ingrosso & him Have that sound on lock... I still cant stop listening to the new Santos LP though.... record shopping this week though, ill post after.
  7. Manolo returns to Roxy with Joshua Carl 3-11

    all part of the going away hoopla..... email me for guestlist. should be a sloppy ass night...as well, I plan on poppin the roxy's system with some bassquaking beats that probably havent ever been played on that system.
  8. Deployed to iraq, Selling 2 mint 1200s

    did we all switch back to cds? or are we all broke from paying 12.99 an import
  9. My 2 MINT black 1200S for sale

    is everyone using tracktor & cds? or is everyone broke?
  10. Going to Ft Gordon, then off to iraq. getting rid of the stuff thats goin to collect dust. So I now have 2 PRISTINE black 1200s. both with the dust covers... and Ill even THROW IN THE 2 road cases. 1 black technics 1200 mk5 (Bought in September 05) 1 black Technics 1200 mk2 (Bought in November 05) 2 carpeted road cases ( alil beat, but cosmetically & functionally solid) BEST OFFER!!!!!!!!!! [email protected] Im in Boston, Often in Rhode Island...
  11. My 2 MINT black 1200S for sale

    OK, alot of people wanted the mixer. I had about 8 total offers for it. gone to the highest bidder...Sorry. So I now have 2 PRISTINE black 1200s. both with the dust covers... and Ill even THROW IN THE 2 road cases. 1 black technics 1200 mk5 (Bought in September 05) 1 black Technics 1200 mk2 (Bought in November 05) 2 carpeted road cases BEST OFFER!!!!!!!!!! [email protected]
  12. Deep Impact~~~>Boston Breaks<~~~wednesday!

  13. those who know me, know i have been in the Army reserves since 01/93 Yup, at 17 1/2 I enlisted in the 351st General Hospital up at hanscom/Devens. I have been fortunate thus far. in 1995 i went to the 383rd MI (Technical intelligence) there i stayed til 2000 after 1 year out, i re-enlisted a few months after 9-11, where I was attatched to the 399th CSH(Combat Support Hospital...Alot Like M*A*S*H) as you might have guessed we were alerted. our Mob orders are for July. for 60 days in wisconsin, then 52 weeks in IRAQ, Then a another few weeks back in Wisconsin. For me, at the end of March I am goin to Ft Gordon Georgia for the 25B (IT Administration) School) In which I will finish in August. Then, more than likely, I will catch up with my unit and head to Iraq. (this is the part that is NOT engraved in stone....but its 99.99%) Since the Winter TENSION has been my home. fortunately for me I have the oppertunity TO OPEN for my favorite producer of the moment: CUT & RUN March 15th 2006 This will serve as "Custards last stand" for me. and I will hang up the headphones & pick up my weapon...or laptop, i guess it more appropiate. Melee, Kares, Jack & Drama have done rediculous things there & I urge everyone to check the night out in my absence. I will keep you guys posted with all my contact info. I will also do what I can to post stuff on my Myspace until i leave, and keep my webpage updated with contact info. rest assured, when i come back i will merely be dusting off my headphones and jumping back in it!
  14. Hello All, We would like to take a minute to thank each and every single one of you crazy muthaluvers for coming out last night. It was the best night so far, and it has literally been getting better and better every week. Without the support of all of you this night would not be as good as it is, and for that we thank you so much for helping us make this sound have such a positive presence in the city, and the surrounding states. Little overview of last night.... Illux dropped a proper opening set to warm the place up, and even with her current cold. (which I believe a few of us are sporting) She managed to get the place bumping for Reid Speed properly. Thank you Laura! Reid Speed came on and when we say destroyed, we mean COMPLETELY destroyed the place. Hands pumping, bodies shaking, and bass booming! Not just a drum & bass DJ by any means..........a professional DJ to say the least. Thank you Reid! Thank you to all the b-boys and b-girls, the old skoolers, the nu-skoolers, and those who don't give a damn what skool they're in. Special thanks goes to Tom and the Legal Blendz crew for the excellent visuals! We appreciate your continued support and promise it's just going to get better and better! Next week, we have one of the best breaks dj's in New England coming in, and one of the first to push nu-skool breaks around this area. Chris Pattison aka DJ Patti. He will have along side him, Endo......Both residents of Blessed Breaks in Vermont and both carrying track records and resumes that belong in the spotlight of Tension. Endo has been putting in the time and destroying dancefloors for years now, and this is his spot to show you why he is helping pave the path of the breaks scene in the northeast. The two combined are guranteed to provide a night of headbanging beats....... Come show some love for the Blessed Breaks crew! Opening duties will be respectfully provided by Tension resident: Joshua Carl..... Sincerly, The Tension Residents, melee...drama...kares...joshua carl...jack mcdevitt www.bostonbreaks.com
  15. MIX with tracklisting from 3 sources

    This weeks mix... as heard on IPARTYRADIO.com & PartyRadiousa.net this SATURDAY NIGHT (iN CASE UR HOME on NYE...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ) 49 % Royksopp - (Angelo & Ingrosso edit) [Wall of sound] Flashing Lights - King Unique [Junior Boys] No More conversations - Free Form 5 (Mylo Rmx) [Fine] Sweet dreams (are made of this) - Eurythmics (Steve Angello Rmx) [White] In my arms vs Tocadisco - Mylo [White] Turn me out vs Ghostbusters 2004 [white] Lets get happy - Jessie Garcia [Venoetta] Meetr her @The Love parade 2005 - Da Hool (Antione Clamaran Rmx)[Electron Records] Mannequins - Hatiras Feat Shanchoy (Robbie Rivera rmx) [blow me] Precious - Depeche mode (DJ Dan 4am Rmx) [sire] Superstars - The Loose Cannons ( Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange Rmx) [MCA]