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  1. Football vs Futbol

    NFL--you can be overweight and play dont you love it when the patriots won all those big games on a fukin kick Dont even mention MLB--not even all the parks are the same size fuckin morons imagine we had our football and one park was 100 yard one 120 one 80 haha americans always making the rest of the world laugh btw they couldnt even win their own world cup in baseball SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  2. *OFFICIAL* World Cup POLL.. who's gonna win?

    France 2-0 Henry and Ribery with the goals both assists from Zidane BTW good time to get some money from your italian friends
  3. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    WTF is wrong with you no1 said dibiaggio was a legend but this is something they all have in common follow the series of events baggio-94 missed penalty-that knocks out the italians dibiaggio-98 missed penalty-that knocks out the italians maldini-02 getting outjumped by ahn thus knocking the italians home 2006????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Fifa World Cup

    no wait they cant go home they have to make another jogo bonito commercial at a germany nursing home with cafu roberto carlos emerson and ronaldo
  5. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    you mean the ones that still think baggio maldini and dibiaggio are on the team haha
  6. World Cup : Brazil

    well an hour before kickoff when the lineups were announced it was a shock to see that adriano was left off yet ronaldo got the start then when it was time for substitutions he takes off kaka and juninho but somehow ronaldo is still in the game????Good fuckin coaching
  7. World Cup : Brazil

    england and brazil both going home on the same day just too sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet btw neither team deserved to stay their performances were below average
  8. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    cmon nobody saw that karate kick on robbenin the penalty box??????---it hasnt been replayed b/c there was so much shit in this game btw figo wont get a suspension for the headbutt yet mastreoni got a 3 game ban for a normal tackle oh FIFA you are so funny btw sepp platter it was great watching your boring ass swiss mates get knocked out like that and for the aussies go home and shut the fuck up already
  9. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Yeah i was being a bit sarcastic Hey Ghost get the barf bag ready when you play argentina
  10. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    oh yeah and on sunday will the real brazil please stand up. Im expecting to see the free flowing scoring machine against australia and it should be a great party sunday in Astoria.
  11. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    No one confronted you or said anything? What did you expect? Perhaps you werent scared because there was about 10 cops in a paddy wagon outside and the fact that you guys walked in with a girl.HAHA Why dont you tell everyone about the cigarett burns on the back of the jersey there mustve been about 10. Anyway good game by the croats and even if we did get a late goal we still have to win the next 2 games so the astoria bars were in a festive mood. Our coach had one substitution left that he didnt use and in the second half it was pretty pathetic that that dum mexican ref kept on giving brazil the ball meanwhile when our guys were getting fouled no whistle. So overall Brazil is very beatable in this world cup--they should crush the aussies and japan but after that anything goes.
  12. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    I saw that clip by ESPN that lola showed. While its true its mostly about club teams and in the past few world cups i dont recall anything happening along those lines. So why is ESPN showing the negative side prior to soccers kickoff --simple Ignorance ---some of those commentators and so called experts are a joke
  13. World Cup 2006 Fantasy

    this was posted almost 2 weeks ago the question is where were you i nominated klose as my first round captain and got a nice 20 points in return
  14. World Cup 2006 Fantasy

    yes its still on as i expected everybody waited til last second You have to set your lineup by friday collection deadline is this saturday pm me for league code
  15. Fifa World Cup