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  1. oh how the times have changed.

    Poor is a very abused word in american society. Lets think about who is truly "poor" in these two scenarios. These scenarios are real and reflect situations that i know personally. 1. family "A", that consists of mom (pregnant), illegal immigrant dad, handicapped daughter and one year old baby. mom doesnt work and basically sits home all day and collects a social security check due to her handicapped daughter. mom also recieves other government assistance due to that fact that she does not work..lol. mom doesnt care for daughter due to medicaid paying for 24hr nurse. dad is illegal and does certain jobs under the table for which he is paid in cash. in some wierd way, dad somehow gets free healthcare under medicaid even though he is illegal. mom recently convinced doctor to give year old baby diagnosis of "developmental delay" so now she collects another social security check. nobody in the house goes to work and yet recieves free healthcare and seemingly free living assistance. They eat out often, have two SUVs with dvds and flat screens and the latest cellphones. mom is now pregnant again with child that will again be financed by the taxpayer. they consider themselves "poor" 1. family "B" consists of mom and dad. mom and dad went to school and are still repaying student loans. in addition to student loans, they pay for health insurance. even with health insurance, there are copays, deductibles. mom and dad just had a baby and even with insurance, they have a 6k medical bill to pay. mom and dad get up every day and go to work and pay thier taxes. mom and dad have to make many sacrifices in order to pay for insurance, medications, living expenses. MOM AND DAD JUST TOOK THIER BABY TO THE DOCTOR. THE DOCTOR SEES BOTH PRIVATE INS AND MEDICAID. INTERESTINGLY, THE DOCTOR TOLD THEM THAT HE WAS OUT OF IMMUNIZATONS AND TO POSSIBLY GO TO THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT FOR IMMUNIZATIONS FOR THIER SON. TURNS OUT THAT THE DOCTOR DID HAVE THE VACCINATIONS...IT WAS JUST THAT THEY HAVE A CERTAIN AMOUNT THAT THEY HAVE TO KEEP FOR THE MEDICAID KIDS....SO..........MOM AND DAD'S BABY IS AT PRIVATE DOCTORS OFFICE AND NEEDS VACCINATIONS BUT CANT GET THEM............ mom and dad are considered "middle class" MAKES YOU RETHINK JUST WHAT "POOR" MEANS.
  2. oh how the times have changed.

    things are very strange indeed. we seem to be constantly force fed this idea that the general economy is horrible.even with gas prices so high, people continue to buy large trucks and SUVs. its very odd, but in my profession, i encounter many that are considered "poor and the first thing I see in thier homes is a huge tricked out SUV with 24in rims in the front and a huge tv inside. you would think that the high price of gas most directly effects the poorer people, so they would be the most conscious of a more economical car?...?..and also very interestingly is that no one seems to have a job. we def have a unique definition of poor.
  3. oh how the times have changed.

    its funny because i dont think all the people i saw at bestbuy buying computers and flat screens understand that we in a economic crisis.
  4. oh how the times have changed.

    i cannot f'n believe that i have been on this board for over eight years. my my my how the times have changed.
  5. was it really that long ago. ??

    jesus christ, i was thinking back to eight years ago july fourth weekend. eight years ago i remember going to The Mix two nights back to back. Holy shit how much the music, styles...the scene in general has changed...i had such a great time back then... ahhh memories...
  8. anyone remember me?

    for some reason i got deactivated. it took me months to become reactivated.
  9. anyone remember me?

    old skool..anyone?
  10. Acosta & Edgar V together again:

    you know i was debating whether to answer this or not... but....i figure i will pull out the big guns,... the question of who is "better" is a really complicated one. The question is better at what? I cant speak for other cities, however, Miami is not always a city thats about talent. In many cases, getting a DJ job in Miami is who is "better" at 1) kissing ass 2) who you know 3) your wife or relative that works in the club 4) being at the right place at the right time. Just ask Greg Chin. I am not going to name names, however, the truth is the truth. The trance scene exploded in the US around 1998 and it happened to explode in Miami. There was one Miami DJ that brought trance to Miami and it isnt either of three names in this post. The scene became so hot that a baboon could have been in the DJ booth and been a superstar. The trance tunes that came out from 99-2001 were classics..and anybody that played them became popular. I hate to say it, but it was tht music back then...wasnt the DJs.... A DJ plays music so the people at a party or a club have a great time. And most of the miami guys that were playing all the hits back in 99-2001, left thier career in 2001. Hate to say it, but its the truth. The DJs that were worth a shit changed with the times, changed with the sound. I began spinning records back in 1982. I saw hip hop start in NY and was a old school hip hop dj for 6 years. I was buying todd terry bootlegs when i was 16. To me a DJ is versatile, not stuck in one genre. So the question of whether I am "better" than eddie g....well i would probably say that when it comes to playing trance eddie g probably blows me away right now. Hands down...blows me away. However.... Without having relatives or girlfriends working in nightclubs, without kissing anyones ass, without providing people drugs, without taking any shit from anyone, by telling everyone right to thier face what i think of them- ive been DJing in miami since 99. Back in 99-2002 i played trance, played techno parties, played tech house, played electro parties, played open format,house, remixes, 80s you name it. dont know if senor eddie can say the same......
  11. Acosta & Edgar V together again:

    lol..ive been talking shit back and forth on clubplanet for 7 years. its all in good fun... but eddieg really sucks...
  12. Acosta & Edgar V together again:

    1. dude honestly, you post a little too much on clubplanet. It was funny for awhile but...its slowly entering the creepy phase... Every couple of weeks i give a glance at clubplanet and i see a friggin response to every post by...Philippio! and this has been going on for years.......Either you have way too much ill spent free time or your boss needs to watch your work more carefully. Listen, and i mean this with the best of intentions-there is a life away from the computer screen! 2. Regardless of what you have been taught by your elders, it is not proper to mate with a goat. Please stop this behavior immediately. 3. Is Aquabooty another way of refering to homosexual sex underwater? 4. Review#2. 5. Please refrain from a witty attempt at responding to this post, it will only make things worse.
  13. Acosta & Edgar V together again:

    what really is the saddest thing about this is that eddie g somehow managed to attach himself to the event and even get his name on the flyer.
  14. At The Boom Boom Room! 16th And Washington. Indie Rock, 80s, Rock Remixes...fun Fun Fun! No Cover!
  15. hannibal rising

    it sucked and you should have your face slapped for liking it.