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  1. --vinyl--

    where's everyone purchasing their vinyl @......
  2. the 26th.......i'm there:D
  3. NYC visits NJ SHore

    thnx sweetz;) had a lot of fun yesterday...wish the weather could have been a lil' nicer but overall it was a good day!
  4. well that seems pretty discriminatory if you ask me:blank:
  5. NYC visits NJ SHore

    you can say that again:eek: i was just informing some people in case they were interested and this is the thanks i get.....phew! hehehe
  6. NYC visits NJ SHore

    perhaps you mean inept....and no, i'm not incompetant. as far as the whole "denny" thing, no thing at all! just seems as though everytime i read the JERSEY message board, its him and tempts that are topic of conversation.
  7. its really not my spot either......honestly, i think the bouncers there are too full of themselves and its a BIG turnoff being greeted by a bunch of ogars! anyhowz...if u can make it sunday i promise u can leave your bandanna on girl scouts honor;)
  8. Labor Day Weekend...

    vegas.......went last year, what a blast! arrived thursady and left tuesday morning.....wacked the whole time @ mandalay bay!
  9. NYC visits NJ SHore

    oh well......snooze you loose:rolleyes: every dj on that line up is hot........might not be "denny" but trust me, there are other dj's in the world! anthony mundy & chris russo, along with the others like richie santana, anthony acid, sal parm, yada yada yada ROCKED our (djcentral/nyc on the move) pool party @ the Clevelander in SOuth Beach during the winter music conference..... wasn't much sleepin going on, just a whole lotta dancin;)
  10. hey sweetz...was wondering why u were @ d'jais and not the surf when i saw you and then i heard the whole thing in the girls room about the electrical problems and yada yada yada! you should come hang out with us this sunday, august 12th...check out the flyer www.djcentral.com/summer lemme know [email protected] ciao!
  11. NYC visits NJ SHore

    This Sunday, August 12th.... come join DJCentral for an "after the beach" beach party @ Cafe Bar, doors open at 4pm with some great DJ's featuring: ANTHONY MUNDY - Exit, NYC CHRIS RUSSO - Space, South Hamptons - Cheetah, NYC DJ HYDRO - DJCentral & many more... click on for more info and directions www.djcentral.com/summeer

    nah....you're not a bunch of crackheads ........just CrAcKiSh!!! ------------------ www.djcentral.com
  13. is djcentral working for anyone?

    whats up TM is something not working for you??? drop me a PM and let me know if you need any help regarding the site.... ------------------ www.djcentral.com
  14. GooDMorninGJerseY

    Ok was I reading that flyer right, did it say longbranch...Longbranch has house music??? Now that is a shocker, is it good,and don't bull shit me, is it the typical house crowd, or brothers and ravers and dirtbags???? nope.....house music all night long......say what! house music all night long!!!! ------------------ www.djcentral.com
  15. GooDMorninGJerseY

    oops....forgot to add the link check it out for more info: www.djcentral.com/summer - thnx ------------------ www.djcentral.com