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  1. how was jp last night??

    To all you people out there that think J.P sucks. What r u on??? I'm from N.Y. and I checked out the Sound Factory three weeks. He blew it up!!!! I was never to fond of the Factory, but recently have changed my views on it.
  2. good clubs in Long Island on thursday??

    Wall Street in Hauppauge is pretty good on Thursday nights. Party 105 is live from 12-2.

    Dude, I don't know. But I've heard of that before. Shit if your clogged up it must do something for u! [This message has been edited by jamminh20 (edited 11-08-2000).]
  4. Pills up the other end????

    Don't ever stick a pill up your ass!!!! Last weekend a couple of my friends were getting alittle nutty and decided to stick it up their asses. We'll it didn't work out that way, one of my friends didn't even feel it at all. The best is, she went to the bathroom and the pill came right out. She said it was solid, so she washed it off and took it. Stick to swollowing it!!!!!!!
  5. Chicken Chow-Mein / Favorite Chinese Take-Out

    Babezzzzz, you should have stuck to the Moo Goo Gia pan. Ummmmm ummmmmmm good, I loved eating up all the mushrooms!!!
  6. Chicken Chow-Mein / Favorite Chinese Take-Out

    Babezzzz, you should have stuck with the Moo Goo Gia Pan. Ummmmm Ummmmmmm good, too bad I eat all the muchroomsssss.
  7. PVD at Twilo

    My best friend and I have been listening to the PVD C.D's lately. Their off the hook, anyone checking out Twilo this Sat. night??? [This message has been edited by jamminh20 (edited 10-30-2000).]