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  1. New Jersey Heads..dj question!

    Russ Reign & Shawn Ink
  2. THEE top three!

    Saleen - You're right on the Guido track, it's awesome. I forgot that one in my list
  3. THEE top three!

    #1 - "Distant Places" - Marsha X (LD30 Mix) #2 - "Fallin" - Alicia Keys - (Razor Mix) #3 - "Cosmic Gyration" - Mona Fide (Sal D'Amica Mix) CAN U GET ANY BETTER A START TO A MUSICAL YEAR THAN THIS???
  4. Also, I think its important that we remember that there isnt an army of 50,000 terrorists here in the USA. Sure, there may have been a hundred fanatics, but a large majority of them have already been scooped up. Do you think we are detaining 500 individuals for nothing? Im sure Osama Bin Laden planned some sort of revenge for an eventual allied attack as a result of his actions regarding wtc, but Ill bet he didnt anticipate the American people coming together as they have, the capture and detention of 500 of his followers here and many hundreds more around the world, or the scale of retaliation which we have taken. Also, these people are fanatics, but they aren't stupid. I really doubt they will try any sort of large scale bio or chemical attack (if they even have the capability) beacuse the state department has privately warned that any terror attacks with unconventional weapony could result in retaliation with our nuclear arsenal. They may not be afraid to run around calling for a "holy war," but I think they know, that should they do something of that nature, Osama Bin Laden, and millions more, innocents included, stand the risk of virtual extermination. They probably expected us to stand by and do nothing as we have done in the recent past when our assets have been attacked. And, unlike many others, I personally don't think the forthcoming military operation will be as difficult as people say. Remember Iraq? Remember all the talk of how amazing the Republican Guard troops were in battle? Well, 20% surrendered, 40% defected, and the rest were killed. Remember the talk of the thousands of Iraqi landmines. They were either no longer functioning or defused. Remember the talk of Iraq's awesome air defense capability? It was destroyed. These people must realize, they are not dealing with the Iranians or the former Soviet Union. They are dealing with the UNITED STATES.
  5. New York! they started this... now we will finish it... I dont know about you people, but I'd rather be living w fear in the back of my mind of what might possibly come than be watching the most sophisticated killing machines in the world systematically destroy my assets. We CAN enforce higher security measures (as we are) to at least limit the chances of further terrorist attacks. They CANNOT stop anything we are doingt to them. The 12 planes in their pathetic airforce have already been destroyed, so basically our military is at will to do whatever it wants from the air. Now it's the Taliban's turn to experience fear. We can only pray that a minimal number of civilians are killed in the process of rooting then out...
  6. "When I'm With You" ? I heard its really hard! But Russ won't send it to me
  7. Diamonds

    its corny cheeze, thats why it will never get signed to a label. its only another exit record.
  8. Diva Top 5

    1 - Pepper Mashay 2 - Celeda 3 - Deborah Cox 4 - Myndy K 5 - Duane Harden
  9. Summer 2001--10 Best tracks

    lol no why would I be kidding you? I guess you don't like this track? I think its amazing...
  10. Summer 2001--10 Best tracks

    I dunno about you guys but I think this was the weakest summer for music in a very long time. There are only a few songs that really stand out in my mind: Rank 1 - Such is Life Superchumbo - Revolution Abigail - Set Me Free LD30 - Distant Places R U Sleeping - PQM GUIDO - STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN = BEST ONE OF ALL
  11. Domenick Capello @ Exit Whiteroom

  12. Domenick Capello @ Exit Whiteroom

    OK, now a question for you... what song that you have produced is a hit? A hit gets played at more than one club, by famous DJs, gets radio play, and gets signed to a label... to my knowledge nothing you've produced meets any of those criteria... Dom - I have nothing against you personally, just the attitude and lack of respect that newcomers to the scene have sometimes... I've seen my friends put in YEARS of hard work without much to show... it's something everyone in the business has to go through, there is no instant fame...
  13. Domenick Capello @ Exit Whiteroom

    LOL not exactly...
  14. Domenick Capello @ Exit Whiteroom

    Im glad we can talk about this as adults... at least you're open... Im not disputing the fact that Dom made a remix of a song. Everyone has done that though. That does not make him a "Remixer." I gaurantee you that no DJ who's been spinning for a year or so has ever been paid for or comissioned to do any real remix for a label. And there is a huge difference between bringing a track to a friend to play at Exit (Draper) and selling one to a label... As for the person who asked where I DJ or what I produce, I don't do either. Nor do I claim that I am a DJ/Remixer/Producer. I am merely a music lover who has been around for a while and is friends with a lot of "big shots" in the industry that this kid has really pissed off with his attitude...
  15. Domenick Capello @ Exit Whiteroom

    Just a question for the promoters of this party... How can you bill a rookie DJ like Dominick Capello as a DJ/PRODUCER/REMIXER on your flyers? In my opinion, you are not a producer until you sell a track to a label. Any kid with a computer can make some semblance of a song to play at his set. Getting a track signed and getting paid for it is a different story. And as for being a remixer, how many remixes has he been comissioned to do? None. Exactly. So no one could argue that he's a remixer. Being contacted by Arista to do a remix of an existing song is a lot different than finding some accapella on napster and screwing around with it. This kind of billing is what gives this kid his obnoxious, over confident attitude and lack of respect... If you can answer my questions logically, I'm all ears... but, Dominick Capello is not yet a DJ/REMIXER/PRODUCER... that should be reserved for Johnny Vicious, Razor, etc...