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  1. House lovers....come to The Downtown tonight!

    I had a good time, last night(yea I was spinning). They need to upgrade the sound system though, it is ok but the place has some good potential. There was a lot of good looking people there last night, and everyone seemed to have a good time, nice vibe in that place. Good to see some old faces, and some new. thanks for everone who came out. JM
  2. House lovers....come to The Downtown tonight!

    It is a pretty good remix, early in the night. No worries, I still suck lol.
  3. If you didn't get enough from Calderone(heard he was SICK!) come to the Downtown in Red Bank tonight. No cover, cheap drinks, good beats....recipe for a good night! JM
  4. Been a Long Time...

    DavisG- thanks, good to be back. I want to come down and have a few drinks sometime soon...you, me, grey skyy, and Tooch can have a few shots ... Can't wait till tonight!!
  5. Been a Long Time...

    I can't make it...unfortunately.
  6. Do You Know House??

    I wish I could make it out tonight!! This party will be a good one. JM
  7. Been a Long Time...

    After a long time off, we will be throwing a party this friday night at the Downtown in Red Bank. Expect the usual dose of groovy/funky/tribal house. I hope to see all the old crew out and some new heads. There will be no cover and the party starts at 9pm. I promise, if you like house music this night will not be one to miss! Cheers. JM
  8. Friday Aug 20th @ Sleep Guest Dj John Michaels

    Don't forget SLIDE clothing will be there also...nice gear. www.slide4life.com IF you guys like Howells/Sander/DT I am sure you will like the music tonight...VerY similar style. JM
  9. House music it's a soul thing...attn. all house heads!!

    hel-lo Mr. Davis... How is life at Plat? I am glad to see you are still doing well!! And yes, suprisingly enough....I still live lol! JM
  10. House music it's a soul thing...attn. all house heads!!

    what do you mean?
  11. Come down to Sleep Friday night. Should be a good party, alot of the old school faces and I will be spinning. I have not been on the boards for some time...so HELLO to all you kids!! Expect the usual fare...bangin' funky/tribal/breaks!!! Stop down. SLIDE clothing will be doing a promo there as well...nice gear...t shirts/hats/stickers...cool shit!! Hope to see you there... John Michaels ask for the SLide Clothing/John Michaels guest list.
  12. DELETED...sorry for the double post...
  13. Platinum Anniversary this fri, w/ special guest...

    Good work guys. Keep it up, Gary....I wanna have your babies....lol
  14. New Brunswick...Gabels...HoUSe

    thx. all is well with me. the night was good. got to see people that i have not seen in a while. love to see the old skool faces out. See you guys soon. JM
  15. New Brunswick...Gabels...HoUSe

    I know I have not posted in a while, so hello to everyone.... If anyone is in Brunswick this evening, stop down..we start @ around 10:30pm...been pretty good as of late... I will be spinning house all night, so stop down...I just finished a re-work of "eurythmics- whos that girl" if anyone is interested give me a shout... enough promotion crap...hope all is well with everyone, oh yea happy belated St. Patty Day.. John Michaels